Don't Break a Sweat - Excessive sweating, Odour & Night Sweats

Sweating - we all hate it but we all do it! In fact, it's completely necessary and healthy for our body to do so. But, what can you do when sweating becomes excessive, odour is unbearable, or night sweats have kicked in? You're not on your own! Today's wellness blog will take you from pongy to perfectly perfumed   

Don't Break a Sweat! Let's take you from pongy to perfectly perfumed. 

Why do we Sweat? 

Sweating is an innate response to increasing body temperature. The aim of sweating is to produce a thin layer of moisture on the skin which cools the skin through a process of evaporation and increases heat dispersal.      

Excessive Sweating...Just Why?  

If you struggle with the persistent drip of a forehead, armpit or lip, the cause may not be obvious, but there are many reasons why you may suffer from excessive sweating: 


Hyperhidrosis is the medical term used to describe excessive sweating. Although there is no known cause of excessive sweating it is thought that the area of the brain that controls sweating becomes overstimulated which can cause excess sweating in areas such as the palms, soles of the feet, armpits, face and groin. 


Changes in female hormones, including oestrogen, can result in hot flashes and profuse sweating, including night sweats.  


One common side effect of hyperthyroidism, otherwise known as an overactive thyroid is excessive sweating. Thyroid hormones are responsible for temperature regulation, people diagnosed with hypothyroidism often struggle to stay warm due to a lack of thyroid hormone. This produces the opposite effect in people with Hyperthyroidism, where they often find themselves overheating.  

Synthetic Fibres 

Synthetic fibres are famously known to not allow the skin to breathe which can cause overheating and excessive sweating. If you find yourself regularly overheating, or producing more BO than usual, try to opt for natural fibres such as cotton, linen or hemp.  

Tackling Super-sweaters 

There’s no one rule to beat those sweat patches, but here are some handy tips to maintain your cool this summer: 

The Power of Glycolic Acid 

Glycolic acid isn’t just an age-rewinding ingredient, it has powerful sweat and odour-busting properties. It’s thought to work by reducing the pH of the underarm skin thus making it difficult for the bacteria to reproduce and create odour.  

Botox, but for the Armpits 

We all know about the anti-ageing powers of Botox, but what about its anti-sweat powers. Botulinium, the toxin responsible for Botox. This targets nerve signals and ceases their actions to prevent their use. In the case of ageing, this prevents signals to muscles in the forehead and around the eyes. Whereas, for the armpits, it is injected into the skin and temporarily blocks signals to the sweat gland to produce sweat. It’s typically only used when all else has failed – speak to your Doctor or dermatologist.  

Make Friends with Sage 

Are hot flushes and excess sweating an everyday occurrence for you? Hot flashes are caused by a dramatic decline in the hormone oestrogen. One natural way of managing this is to replace the oestrogen that has been lost.  

Introducing Phytoestrogens, otherwise known as plant oestrogen. Studies demonstrate that phytoestrogens have a calming effect on the symptoms of menopause. Sage extract is a popular and highly effective supplement many women take during their menopausal years to counteract these symptoms and reduce sweating and hot flashes. Other natural sources of phytoestrogens include linseeds and soy-based products. 

Antiperspirant vs Deodorant 

Learn what you really need. Not everyone knows the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant and often use them interchangeably. They are exactly what they say on the tin, but let's learn together. Antiperspirant would be best suited to someone who finds themselves excessively sweating, it works to reduce the amount of sweat produced. Whereas deodorant works to reduce odour created by bacteria under the armpit. This would be suited so someone who sweats a normal amount but finds they smell straight away.  

Switch to a Natural Deodorant - Don't Sweat It


Don’t Sweat It is a specially formulated, cruelty-free deodorant balm that provides natural protection for sensitive skin. With a combination of gorgeous skin-loving ingredients like Lavender, Almond and Coconut Oil, it’s designed to gently moisturise the skin, giving it some TLC too. Our proudly 100% vegan and aluminium free formula is non-comedogenic to prevent your pores blocking full of nasties. Odour-free, silky smooth, perfect pits.  

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