Inspired by nature, supported by science

We’re experts in nutrition and passionate about the power of nature. So it was only natural that we would want to bring the two together. We begin with the best quality ingredients, vegan and responsibly sourced, and create the most efficacious supplement blends to nourish your body and support your mental wellbeing. Our blends combine cutting-edge scientific ingredients as well as carefully sourced botanicals acknowledged over many centuries for their potency – for optimal results.

  • Your body, your mind, your world.
  • Your body, your mind, your world.
  • Your body, your mind, your world.
  • Your body, your mind, your world.
  • Your body, your mind, your world.
  • Your body, your mind, your world.
  • Your body, your mind, your world.
  • Your body, your mind, your world.
  • Your body, your mind, your world.
  • Your body, your mind, your world.
  • INSPIRED BY nature

    There is no source more bountiful, no force more powerful, than Mother Nature. Our ethos is harnessing without harming – we bring you the very best nutrients, created and packaged sustainability so you can protect your health whilst protecting our planet.


    Naturally Good

    The ingredients for all our supplements and beauty products are as natural as they can be, yet incredibly powerful, to strengthen your body and mind.



    Protecting our planet is the approach we take at every step, from sourcing from our ingredients with utmost care right through to our refill-and-recycle packaging.


    Potent Botanicals

    While our core scientific ingredients all come with concrete claims, we also harness the power of botanicals that have been valued by civilizations from ancient times through to today.


    Transparently Clear

    We pay our producers a fair price and ensure the entire supply chain is free from unacceptable practices both ethically and environmentally. Any questions? Just ask.

    SUPPORTED BY science

    As trained nutritionists we know what works. And while our aim is to be gentle on our planet, when it comes to scientific studies and research to back up our recipes, we’re as tough as it gets. Only legally approved claims and stringently tested ingredients make the grade.


    As Pure As Possible

    Our blends are free of unnecessary bulking and binding agents, colourants and preservatives. While ingredients elsewhere might be extracted using solvents you won’t find any traces of them here.



    When it comes to creating our unique blends, we do it all right here in Britain where they are is subject to the highest production standards and the most rigorous testing.



    We include our ingredients because they work, so we ensure that they are present in a dosage potent and absorbable enough for you to reap their benefits.


    Better Together

    Single ingredient supplements can be harsh on your system and hard to digest. Our unique blends work together in harmony to target different aspects of the same issue.

    refill jar

    One glass jar for life.
    Refill not landfill.

    Recycle, Refill, Reuse

    Our supplements arrive in a plastic-free compostable pouch that can be popped through your letterbox.

    We think they’re quite pretty, but you might not want one on your dressing table.

    Enter our beautiful glass jars. Order them once, refill them time and time again. Keep them proudly on display somewhere you won’t forget to take them.

    Our packaging approach gives you the best of both worlds – and the best for our world.

    Our mission

    Be a leading refillable supplement brand Reduce single-use plastic packaging Champion bio-benign packaging
    But we won’t stop there…

    Our future mission

    Continue to provide you with naturally derived, scientifically informed products. Always update our packaging to the most innovative and least destructive options. Never cease in the search for more Fairtrade and sustainably sourced ingredients. Gain ethical and sustainability certifications. Create an eco-friendly and sustainability driven ‘give back’ scheme. Watch this space…

    Protect our planet while
    you protect your health

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    Your body

    Nourish your body with the nutrients it needs. We won’t compromise on quality.


    Your mind

    You only feel good when the whole of you feels good - and that includes your head.


    Your world

    100% natural excipients, vegan and ethically packaged to protect our planet.

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